The 150 Best American Recipes

(book, Fran McCullough & Molly Stevens)

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h4. From the publisher

In The 150 Best American Recipes, two of the food world's most respected professionals pull out all the stops to create the ultimate resource: a can't-live-without-it collection of the most exciting recipes of the last decade. 

Out of literally tens of thousands of recipes that have appeared in print — in cookbooks, magazines, newspapers, and even in fliers and on the Internet — they chose the most distinctive. Then came the key step: extensive testing in their own kitchens. If the dish wasn't spectacular, it didn't make the cut. Finally, they pitted their favorites against one another and chose the winners: the very best of the best.
Chicken Fricassee with Lemon, Saffron, and Green Olives
Amazing Overnight Waffles
Braised Beef Short Ribs, Chinese-Style