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The consequences of the drought

(article, Culinate staff)

Sure, there's been plenty of media commentary about the Great Drought of 2012 already. But the Think Forward blog published by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy has an interesting list of public-health consequences of the drought. 

The list includes pros (our drinking water has been largely unaffected by the drought, for example) as well as cons (our dependency on monocrops, as well as our low grain reserves, make for a vulnerable food system). And, of course, there's the always-unpredictable future:

bq. How all of this impacts healthy eating is unknown. Will high livestock feed costs increase the price of meat and dairy products and encourage consumers to eat more fruits and vegetables? Or perhaps the feed costs will narrow the price difference between grain-fed livestock and grass-fed livestock and encourage more people to eat omega-3-rich grass-fed products. Or will consumers resort to more simple carbohydrates that are low-cost and calorie-rich?