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Peace in poultry

(article, Kim Carlson)

The next-door neighbors have chickens, and on hot summer afternoons I cluck cluck to them and toss them overripe raspberries through the fence. 

As children, both my husband and I gathered dozens of warm eggs from our families' henhouses — and saw the carnage when a family of raccoons or a neighborhood dog raided the pen. 

One spring day years ago, when my father-in-law was away on a trip, UPS delivered a box of fluffy, clucking hatchlings to our front door so that we could look after them until he returned. (Let me tell you, a shipment of 15 chilly, hungry, and disoriented chicks feels like an awesome responsibility.) 

But I can't say I've raised chickens. However, our newest Dinner Guest blogger, Sarah Gilbert, does raise chickens, and she's got compelling reasons to do so. Meet Sarah through this slide show that she prepared for a recent event in Portland. Then, head over and check out her latest blog post in which she introduces us to Gilda — and Gilda's beautiful, wholesome, plentiful eggs.


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