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Conservation in action

(article, Culinate staff)

The New York Times recently ran two op-eds calling for Americans to seize the day in food policy. 

The first, from investigative journalist Charles Fishman, called on Americans to respond to the current nationwide drought by reforming how we use water, from simply being less wasteful at home to fixing our leaky pipes, installing water-savvy appliances, harvesting rainwater, and — gasp — recycling our wastewater. And, Fishman pointed out, we need to do more than just quit wasting water on lawns; we need to rethink which crops we grow where.

bq. Rice farmers in Texas have howled about having their irrigation water cut off. Rice farming? In Texas? Based on rainfall patterns and projections, we need to be brutally realistic about what kind of crops we should be growing, and where. 

The second, from Mark Bittman, called on citizens to pressure President Obama to follow through on unfulfilled promises about food policy, including labeling of genetically modified foods:

bq. Only by building real movements around food and other important issues can we pressure Obama (or even Romney; just look at the inroads the right made with a Democrat in office) to act in the interests of the great majority.