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Summer campaigns

(article, Culinate staff)

Summer, apparently, is the season for launching awareness campaigns. Here are three to check out.

Generation Food Project. Started in part by author and activist Raj Patel, Generation Food Project is a combo documentary, book, and multimedia project profiling people around the world working to improve our food systems.

GROW Method. Oxfam International already runs a global food-reform project titled GROW. This offshoot encourages participants to, well, think globally and act locally via food purchases and habits. In other words, to support small-scale farmers, stop wasting food and energy, buy seasonally, and eat less meat and dairy. 

Slavery Footprint. Yes, there is a nonprofit called Slavery Footprint. Their goal: to remind us that slavery still exists (by their calculations, some 27 million people are currently enslaved) and that it's used to bring food to our tables. Oh, and to produce our kitchen equipment, too; as the SF folks note, a cast-iron skillet represents the labor of one slave, a kitchen knife 1.6 slaves, and a blender nearly three. Creepiest, thought, may be the online survey you can take to see just how many slaves your purchases represent.