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Bruschetta with Bresaola, Arugula, and Ricotta

(recipe, Margarett Waterbury)


This recipe is simple enough that the title says it all. As with most Italian dishes, the quality of the finished dish is directly related to the quality of the ingredients. Bresaola is a very lean style of salumi, made from salted and air-dried beef. It has a mild, sweet, very meaty taste, and is a classic combination with peppery arugula and mellow ricotta.


  1. 4 oz. arugula
  2. ½ lb. best-quality whole-milk ricotta (see Note)
  3. 4 oz. bresaola, sliced very thinly
  4. Olive oil, for drizzling
  5. Salt


  1. Wash the arugula thoroughly and remove any large stems. If the arugula leaves are large, slice them in half. (I like to slice them vertically along the main stem line, preserving the beautiful shape of the leaf, but if they are especially large, you may need to slice them into smaller pieces.)
  2. Spread each slice of toasted bread with a spoonful of ricotta, and top with a slice of bresaola, folded or scrunched if necessary to fit, and a few sprigs of arugula. Drizzle with olive oil and salt to taste.


If you are able to find stracchino — a very soft and young cheese from northern Italy with a delicate flavor — it can be substituted for the ricotta with great success.