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Culinate Newsletter August 1

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 h1. Dear readers,
 I read with interest Twilight Greenaway's recent post on Grist about whether America's traditional pride in individualism might hinder systematic food reform in this country. That is, if we're all earnestly doing our own thing — avoiding meat, shopping at farmers markets, buying only local food — are we helping the greater good when it comes to food?

 A recent Sift item on Culinate rounded up expenditures to shape the last Farm Bill — the giant piece of federal legislation that dictates much of American food policy. According to the nonprofit group Food and Water Watch, more than a thousand groups spent an estimated $173.5 million to promote their interests. Which brings up another question: What about the millions of everyday eaters who just want clean, nutrient-rich, fairly harvested food that damages the planet as minimally as possible? Is our collective voice squarely represented?

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Kristy Athens bought the farm, gave it a go, and then sold the farm, but she learned a thing or two about basil along the way."
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story2text: "Genetically altered food is prevalent in the United States; Caitlin Junkin offers suggestions for those wanting to eat less of it."

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recipe1text: "A refreshing Penelope Casas recipe that takes us straight to Spain."
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recipe2text: "Here's an Italian soup to make with summer’s bounty of squash."

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