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Down and dirty

(article, Culinate staff)

Since last fall, the city of Portland, Oregon ā€” where Culinate is based ā€” has been collecting all food scraps as part of the weekly municipal recycling regime. Willamette Week, the local alt-weekly, recently took a look at the food-composting program, comparing it to similar programs in Seattle and San Francisco. 

Most of all, the paper wanted to find out just how gross all our decaying foodstuffs can get; as reporter Nigel Jaquiss wrote, "Inhaling the essence makes me feel like Iā€™m spinning around in the bottom of a garbage disposal." But, he added, the program seems to be making progress towards its goal of reducing trips to the local landfill; garbage collection has dropped by 44 percent. Now if only Portland can catch up to the Bay Area in the next compostable department: disposable diapers.