Culinate Newsletter Jan 23 08

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 h1. Dear readers,

 If there were an award for Plucky Mom of the Year, I'd nominate Sarah Gilbert. A mother of three young boys and a full-time editor with AOL, Sarah may be an unlikely locavore; after all, eating fresh, wholesome food that's grown (mostly) in your own vicinity takes more time than simply eating what's most convenient. 

 But Sarah is frustrated with the food system we've got, and she's determined to feed her family the best food she can find (and grow). Plus, she's patient; she understands that trying to comprehend the difference between food and advertising is an ongoing conversation. In her first blog post in our Dinner Guest blog, she tells her son, “If they have a commercial on TV for food, it’s not that good for you. They spend all of their money making advertisements, instead of making the food good and getting quality ingredients. Do you understand?”

  We've known from the beginning that we've wanted to host a medley of voices on Culinate -- among them, voices of people who are asking tough questions about their food. We want to hear from people who are digging in the dirt, both literally and figuratively. We welcome Sarah to the table.

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: In which Deborah Madison confesses that she is a hoarder.
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story2text: Turns out, making homemade caramel sauce is no big deal.

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recipe1text: Crisp, garlicky romaine with real croutons. What's not to love?
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recipe2text: Impress your guests with chocolate elegance from Maida Heatter.

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