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New for 2008

(article, Kim Carlson)

The Web is teeming with year-end collections — of mouthwatering photos, smart resolutions, and thoughtful miscellany. 

The BBC has its own intriguing list, titled "100 things we didn't know last year." Helpfully, Culiblog has culled the food-related items on this list — all 13 of them, in fact. 

A sample: "CO2 emissions from shipping are twice the level of aviation." But it turns out that when it comes to transporting food, shipping is still much more efficient.

And: "Chickens can be diagnosed with depression." Even a chicken who will never be turned into niblets can get sad.

And: "Dishcloths are purged of 99 percent of their bacteria during two minutes in a microwave." But that doesn't mean it's a good idea.

Culiblog's favorite is also ours: "Harvesting rhubarb in candlelight  helps preserve its flavour." What fun!