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Mango Nogurt

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Well, I think I just defined the word "hiatus!"  An unannounced and unexpected 5 month hiatus. Here's the cocktail hour version of what's happened since February.  I'll make this quick so we can catch up and move on to the regularly scheduled programming.  

February 3rd was my last post.  It is now July 5th.  A solid 5 months have flown by and life has certainly changed quite a bit.  After coming back from a quick visit to Brussels, Andy and I decided that it might really be time to think about settling down.  While he loved working on his own and running Kruger Strategy Group--he is still running a bare bones operation--he decided it was time to enter the corporate world and took a job opportunity at the University of California San Francisco.  You know what that means, a 3000 mile relocation.  After careful consideration, we decided that I would finish out the lease on our house in Boston and make a smooth transition to the west coast.  On May 31st, Paco and I followed Andy out to our beloved city by the bay.  Andy and I fell in love here and are thrilled to be home after 5 years of bouncing around the country and the world.

Since there are apparently flight embargoes on pets as cargo during the summer months, Paco and I headed west via the road.  I traveled 3200 miles and crossed the border of 13 states before making it out to my new home.  We had a blast and were thrilled to make it out here!  Paco even recognized the distinct smell of the sweet, eucalyptus trees and salty, sea air.  I was here in California for 10 days with one mission, find a more permanent place to call home (our dear friend Rose is letting out her spare bedroom to the three of us as I write).  On day 5 in the state, I made an appointment with our Realtor and on day 6 we had our offer accepted on our new home.  On day day 10, I hopped on a plane and headed back east as I had previous engagements with my parents for an Italian holiday.  I spent 14 days in the southern Italian sun!  After 25 hours of airplane travel back from Rome to San Francisco, I realized two things: one, Europe is very far away from the west coast and two, it's time to explore South America and the Southern Pacific... it's closer!

So that brings us to the present day and my recent creation of mango nogurt.    

Here's the recipe:

the ingredients

1 whole trade, ripe banana
1 organic fresh mango or 1 cup organic, frozen mango cubes, defrosted
1/2 ripe avocado (scoop flesh with a spoon to get the maximum nutrients)
1 tsp organic apple cider vinegar
1/2 tsp organic vanilla (or a splash of organic, unsweetened, vanilla soy milk)

place banana, avocado, mango, apple cider vinegar and vanilla in your high power blender or food processor.  process until smooth and creamy.  place in an air tight container and refrigerate for one hour.  enjoy your fiber-filled yogurt substitute anytime and anyway that you would traditionally eat cow, goat, or sheep's milk yogurt.