Cooking from the Heart

(book, Michael J. Rosen)

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h4. From Share Our Strength

In a dazed and disheartened America, people everywhere are feeling the immediate need to ensure the quality of family life and to redouble their efforts at acknowledging the goodness and generosity that friends, family, and community afford us all. It is a time to count blessings, and, moreover, to increase them.

In this spirit, 100 of our country's most distinguished, passionate, and compassionate chefs — including Mario Batali, Rick Bayless, Alice Waters, and Nancy Silverton — share their most cherished dishes with us in Cooking from the Heart. Whether a traditional cooking method or seasonal offering, each chef has chosen a recipe that represents more than a savory experience or a culinary quest; these are instead celebrated chefs honoring the affirmations of shared meals and shared words, showcasing the true nature of cooking as celebration, as communion, as theater, as a manifestation of commitment and devotion.

Edited by Michael J. Rosen, Cooking from the Heart is unique not only for its intimate chorus of chefs' voices and its outstanding collection of delicious, and heretofore unpublished, recipes, but also for its charitable contribution: a portion of the book's proceeds benefit Share Our Strength, one of the nation's preeminent anti-hunger, anti-poverty organizations, which has distributed more than $68 million to fight hunger worldwide.
Chicken Meatball Soup