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(article, Culinate staff)

Rodale would like you to read one of their new books, The Happiness Diet, so they're making sure you know some of the book's tips for feeling better through food via their website. Overall, their 10 dietary no-nos are obvious; they're all refined and processed foods such as soda and margarine. But pumpkin seeds and peanuts? Rest easy; all you need to do is avoid the processed versions and go for the raw and bulk versions instead.

Meanwhile, the folks at Eating Well magazine have put out a top-10 list of their own, focused on how nutritional thinking has changed over the past decade. Again, you're probably familiar with most of this: not all saturated fats are bad, and not all low-fat, low-calorie foods are good. But did you know that your body will burn more calories trying to digest a multigrain meal than a refined meal — and that that's a good thing?