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Lucky food

(article, Liz Crain)

Black-eyed peas, a staple in Southern cooking, have long been considered a fortuitous food. When a person eats them on the first of the year, Southern folklore says that they'll enjoy good fortune for the 364 days that follow. Some also believe that serving greens alongside black-eyed peas will bring those who dig in plenty of cash in the upcoming year. 
One of the most popular Southern ways of preparing black-eyed peas is Hoppin' John, which combines the legumes with rice and, typically, onion and bacon. Here are three recipes for black-eyed peas from a variety of food blogs:
# Homesick Texan's big pot of black-eyed peas
# 101 Cookbooks' black-eyed pea recipe — although you'll have to buy her cookbook for the full recipe
# Cookin' in the 'Cuse's black-eyed pea pie

So set those beans a-soakin' and sop up some luck.