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No holiday crumbs left behind

(article, Liz Crain)

Over at the Canadian food blog Cream Puffs in Venice, Ivonne (who's also one of the founders of Daring Bakers) is finally getting around to experimenting with all the clipped recipes she's tucked away in files and folders for years — much like The Wednesday Chef. Through Ivonne's weekly blog event, Magazine Mondays, she's sharing these recipes and baking trials with her readers. 
If you're still looking for a new holiday cookie or sweet to bake, Cream Puffs in Venice is a well-stocked dessert case waiting for you. As Ivonne admits on her blog, "I am one of those people that starts thinking about Christmas baking in . . . oh . . . say April."
The crunchy chocolate chestnut cake looks like a decadent, delicious holiday dessert, while the pistachio pretzels seem like a lighter but equally tasty recipe. Try making them with kids.