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Fizzy soda

(article, Culinate staff)

Sure, Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposal to regulate soda sales may seem like a tempest in a New York City Big Gulp. 

In the New York Times, opinion columnist Frank Bruni lauded the move: "We need a weight watcher willing to mete out some stricter discipline." On the same paper's blogs, Mark Bittman seconded Bruni, opining that the mayor's move would help people learn to distinguish between real and fake food: "We should be encouraging people to eat real food and discouraging the consumption of non-food."

But it was Kristin Wartman, on the Huffington Post, who pointed out that the real issue isn't free choice at the corner store but the role Big Food plays in our lives: "In the meantime, Big Food still has free rein to produce and market harmful products with virtually no regulation or oversight. . . . Something clearly must be done — it just seems that regulating and curtailing the powers of Big Food would be a better place to focus our attention rather than merely capping the portion size for one of many sugary, addictive, non-nutritious substances at our never-ending disposal."