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"Grocery Store Wars"

(article, Kim Carlson)

You’re at work. It’s not yet noon, and though you have a long list of work-related tasks that need your attention, you’re thinking about food: How will I get to the grocery store? What are my children eating for lunch? What will I eat for lunch?

Don’t fight it; go with the food thoughts you’re thinking anyway and distract yourself further with "Grocery Store Wars," a movie about the heroic nature of organic food. (We’re lucky to be able to distract ourselves that way at work all the time — it’s our job.) Inspired by, ahem, "Star Wars," the film is the story of a talking cucumber named Cuke Skywalker and his friend Ham Solo, who try to save food from going over to the dark side (or something like that). It's made by the same folks who brought us "The Meatrix," the cartoon takeoff on "The Matrix."

Artful or corny? Despite the onslaught of puns, I was charmed by the film’s visual effects. Talking cannoli in a starring role? Even if you’ve had your fill before "Grocery Store Wars" runs its course, try to hold on for the Salad Bar scene, complete with butternut squash on saxophone and turnips drinking green cocktails in a low-lit lounge. No word yet on sequels.