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Culinate Newsletter May 23

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,

 Recently at the dentist's office I caught myself admiring a kitchen in a magazine — its judicious use of tile and wood, the perfectly placed vase on the cabinet, its gleaming island. We certainly aren't planning any major changes to our kitchen, but there I was, caught up in the fantasy of a shiny new kitchen, complete with an uncluttered countertop and a polished white sink. The floor would never need to be swept!

 And then I got real. From what I could see, that kitchen contained no food.  Where were the batches of beans soaking in blue bowls, or the bunches of carrots just unloaded from the farmers' market? Where was the upside-down jar of pickles on the counter, or the big loaf of bread that sits on the cutting board, inviting the hungry to cut a slice and eat, eat?

 Though I might muse about The Perfect Kitchen, if I'm being honest with myself I already appreciate our own because it's so much more than pristine; it's the engine room of our household, and it's in a constant state of use.

 I'll bet yours is the same.

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director


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story1text: "Kari Underly, whose book 'The Art of Beef Cutting' was nominated for an IACP award, shares meat-grilling tips."
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story2text: "Margarett Waterbury suggests eight possibly unfamiliar vegetables to seek out and eat this spring." 

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recipe1text: "Here's a go-to spring appetizer that's easy to prepare ahead of time — then pop in the oven when ready to serve."
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recipe2text: "From the book 'Anjum’s New Indian,' by Anjum Anand, comes this delicious dish that pairs beautifully with black rice." 

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