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Culinate Newsletter May 9

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 h1. Dear readers,

 For years, Joan Menefee's meditations on the Dinner Guest blog about food, cooking, and other aspects of her life in Menomonie, Wisconsin have charmed me. This month's installation — on wabi-sabi cookery — is no exception. Joan has noticed that many modern cookbooks give a time-to-table estimate, as if getting it on the table is the whole point of preparing food. She writes:

 "The time it takes to make a meal matters to me, but what such an estimate fails to account for is how time in the kitchen structures the whole of life. Perhaps the cookbooks we write in the future will tell us how to occupy a kitchen, how to create a house in which every room is a workshop and laboratory. In this alternative reality, we wouldn’t spend so much time worrying about how long we have to spend there."

 Have you seen the sneaky mom video? My daughters have adopted the saying, even when the situation has nothing to do with me — and usually it doesn't. But the Wednesday before Mother's Day does seem like a good time to acknowledge that if I have been sneaky, it's been in my effort to place subtle emphasis on kitchen life. Food is one of the best windows I know into an understanding of life and death, the value of industriousness, the interplay of color and beauty, the vastness of our connections to one another.

 Happy Mother's Day, everyone.

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director


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story2text: "Lauren Quinn appreciates her new view on food after traveling in Southeast Asia."

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