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 h1. Dear readers,

 If you popped over to Culinate last week and expected, as usual, to see pictures of food, you may have been surprised instead to see a [/columns/wine/gameandwine "photo of a woman holding a rifle."] She is chef-turned-hunter-turned-author Georgia Pellegrini, and she's talking with our wine columnist, Kerry Newberry, about pairing wine and game — and about hunting in general. 

 "Hunting and gathering," says Pellegrini, "when done ethically, are the last natural and instinctive interplay between humans, the land, and animals."

 While I admit that it can be disconcerting to think of killing and eating together, it's hard to avoid the interplay, especially if you eat meat; rather than look away from the issue of killing animals, we might look at it squarely and be sure it's done ethically (and of course, that should apply to killing domesticated animals too). In my mind, one of the most important lessons we can take away from a discussion about hunting is the need to be good stewards of game habitat. Pellegrini goes deeper into the topic of game management: "Hunting is also about conservation — a way to help animal populations that have overrun their carrying capacity as we eliminate their habitat."

 In another story on the site this week, we turn again to hunting, but this time the prize is mushrooms. Over in our Produce Diaries, Jackie Varriano [/articles/producediaries/morels "writes about hunting morels in springtime"] — and how to cook and eat them, too.

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director


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story2text: "Don't fret over dinner, writes Megan Scott. Make a quiche."

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