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Culinate Newsletter April 25

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 h1. Dear readers,
 Most of us who cook, whether often or occasionally, have holes in our culinary knowledge. One editor around here has spoken of her fear of vinaigrette, or at least of emulsifying. Another, who likes to order fish at restaurants, is reluctant to buy much of it to cook, for fear of ruining it. 

 Until recently, I avoided boiling eggs — or if I had to (for deviled eggs, say, which I love), my approach was haphazard. Perhaps my ambivalence came from a clash of tastes my dad and I had years ago: He never encountered a three-minute egg he didn't love, and why couldn't I just enjoy the ones he served me? Well, because I couldn't stomach the aqueous things, not then, not now. Better just to avoid them.

 But I've come around. I've long been a fan of poached eggs, and eggs boiled in the shell are gaining appeal, especially now that I'm equipped with a proper egg timer and the invaluable knowledge I gleaned from Mark Bittman's new book, How to Cook Everything The Basics. The book features hundreds of photos of dishes in various stages — including boiled eggs, which we've recently published on Culinate. Take a look to see what an egg looks like after 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 minutes, and see which you prefer. 
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Christina Eng savors Eugenia Bone's new book, which explores the glorious world of mushrooms."
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story2text: "Who doesn't love happy hour? Shoshanna Cohen has tips on making fancy bar food in your very own kitchen."

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recipe1text: "No ideas for dinner? From the Barefoot Contessa’s ‘How Easy is That?’ comes this garlicky good recipe to the rescue."
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recipe2text: "What Deborah Madison’s recipe title doesn’t tell you is that there’s actually a secret ingredient in this shake."

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