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Certifiably sustainable

(article, Jessica Sherifdeen)

On Gourmet magazine's blog last week, Barry Estabrook announced the recent certification of Oregon's pink-shrimp fishery by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). This Oregon "shrimpery" is the first in the world to be considered sustainable.

It's no small feat to gain MSC certification, for testing is strict and extensive.  Measurements of the shrimp fishery's impact on the marine environment as well as the effectiveness of the fishery's management system are included in the final analysis.

Jim Humphreys, an MSC regional director, says that Oregon's certification may "pioneer the way for more shrimp fisheries to reduce bycatch and ecosystem impacts in an effort to seek MSC certification."

So next time you're at the fish market, look for the tiny but environmentally friendly Oregon pink shrimp; they're marked with blue-and-white MSC eco-labels. Next up for certification may be Oregon's Dungeness-crab fishery.