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At Culinate we're building a place for those who want to eat better, making connections between food, community, and the wider world.

Thank you for visiting. Let us tell you briefly about what you can do here and how you can participate.

dl(glossary). Read: Culinate is an information resource. Read our [/read/articles "articles"] and [/read/firstperson "essays"] and [/read/theculinateinterview "interviews"], our [/read/bookreviews "reviews"] and [/read/bookexcerpts excerpts] and columns by and about interesting and informed people who care about what they eat, what it tastes like, and how food choices affect the planet and its communities. Read [/read/sift Sift], where we sort and report on food news and information, and [/read/opinion Opinion], where we and our guests tackle the latest in food issues. Finally, consider subscribing to an [/culinate/RSS "RSS feed"] to keep up with our frequent new articles.
Cook: Culinate is about food. Check out our [/cook/foodfeatures "food features"], [/recipes "recipes"], and [/books "books"] by writers who will make you think before you cook. Use the recipes we've gathered to turn knowledge into practice.
Mix: Culinate is an online community. Change can come only with interaction, and Culinate is all about change — change in the way we grow, deliver, choose, and cook food. Changes like these require the support of community. Keep an eye on Culinate over the coming months as we build additional tools to help you to interact with your communities: whether physical or virtual, your family or neighbors, your grocery, CSA, or farmers' market.
Culinate: It’s a [/culinate/dictionary "new word"], a new place, and we hope it will help change the way we all think about food. We’re working actively on our site; please give us [/culinate/feedback "feedback"] about what you like, and what you don’t. We’re in our “beta” period, which is just one way to say that dinner is in the oven, and it’s starting to smell pretty good, but we know our evening won’t be complete until we can sit down with our guests to share a great meal, a good bottle of wine, and a meaningful conversation — or two, or three. Our table is big; join us by [/forms/user/new "signing up"] as a Culinate user to be able to add  your comments and ratings to articles  and recipes, and participate in building the Culinate community.

Did we say that was going to be brief? For more information about what drives us, you can read our [/culinate/about "About Culinate"] and [/culinate/philosophy "Culinate Philosophy"] pages.

p(bio). James Berry
Co-founder and ex-farmhand