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Fleeting flavors

(article, Melanie Mesaros)

Some food and beverage companies pull out all the stops at Christmas, making seasonal treats available for a limited time.   

In the Detroit area, locals await the Kowalski meat company’s holiday kielbasa, which features a unique blend of peppers and garlic. It’s sold only November 15 through December 31. 

Oregon's Kettle Chips offers five limited-edition flavors during the holidays; the potato chips, naturally, are sold in party packs. The spicy flavors include Orange Ginger Wasabi, Wicked Hot Sauce, Death Valley Chipotle, Mango Chili, and Jalapeño Salsa Fresca. 

Up in Spokane, Washington, the pun-ful confectioner Spokandy makes a Christmas classic: peppermint-crunch fudge, or white chocolate laced with crushed pieces of peppermint candy. The company's other limited-edition flavor is called Divinity – a vanilla whip indulgence that’s only around until the end of December.

And back down in Oregon, local breweries roll out their winter brews, including Full Sail Brewing’s Wreck the Halls and Wassail ale (available online at Liquid Solutions.) The breweries stop producing their seasonal varieties at the end of December, so when stores run out, fans have to wait till next year.