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The future of food

(article, Caroline Cummins)

A few weeks ago, Global Public Media published an essay by Richard Heinberg on the future of food — in other words, how we'll eat once all our fossil fuels disappear. 

Over at Grist, Jon Rynn posted his take on Heinberg's musings. As Rynn points out, it ain't just about gas or oil. Supply, demand, and global warming will all contribute to a changeover from fossil fuels to, well, something not very new at all: organic and local farming, or farming the way we used to farm.

Based on John Jeavons' principles of biointensive farming, Rynn concludes that it would be possible for 20 percent of America's population to feed the rest of the country, using only 2 percent of  the nation's available arable land. 

And everything you ate would be organic and locally grown.