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Culinate Newsletter April 11

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
 This week I have two thank-yous. 

 The first is to Laura Parisi, who, along with our stalwart managing editor Caroline Cummins, has been writing [/articles/sift "Sift items"] for us for a few months and, happily, will continue to do so for now. We are all grateful to Laura for her food savvy, her flexibility, and her adept wordsmithing. 

 The second thank-you goes to the editors at one of our (collectively) longtime favorite food magazines and websites, Saveur. Let me explain:

 Currently, Saveur is hosting its third annual Best Food Blog Awards. For many of us, food blogs are a constant source of inspiration, instruction, new ideas, laughs, tears, and photos that make us want to eat our computer screens. Over the last half dozen years or so, they have changed the way we cook.

 Of the more than 40,000 nominations, the magazine staff has whittled the list down to 6 finalists in 16 categories (that’s 96 food blogs in all). And now the thank you: Culinate is a finalist this year in the Best Group Blog category. Although our site is a little different than a traditional food blog, we are very proud and absolutely humbled to be listed among such a talented batch of writers, photographers, and cooks.

 Head over to Saveur and check out the nominated blogs. Readers pick the winner for each category, and of course we'd welcome your vote if you are so inclined, but the process is a little involved, and the richness of the list of links is the bigger reason we're sending you that way.

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Aaron Hamburger was inspired to learn to cook for his sweetie, but in the end, he learned to cook for himself."
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story2text: "After many months of renovation, Adam Ried has a new kitchen — and lots of lessons learned."

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recipe1text: "In 'Grow Cook Eat,' Willi Galloway gives her secret for cooking this addictive veg, without risking burnt garlic."
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recipe2text: "Cheryl Sternman Rule's book 'Ripe' is full of colorful, tasty, fruit and vegetable dishes like this one."

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