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Alternative Snacks for Adults and Kids

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This week news appeared all over that chocolate, yes chocolate, was a healthy option for snacking.

If you’re like me you were probably initially excited, but after your sweet tooth calmed down you probably started questioning the science.

Something that didn’t make the headlines is the fact that chocolate has shown to be beneficial in small doses for some people. That’s a big difference than reading into the news headlines that chocolate is good for you. Most people, like me, take the initial reports as meaning we can feast away on chocolate on the way to losing pounds and dropping blood pressure.

Such is life, though. 

Chocolate in small doses may be healthy, but there are other options for snacking.

Something people struggle with is finding something to satisfy those little urges that happen throughout the day. We might be sitting at work when the urge comes to fuel our bodies with something tasty. 

Parents can find it difficult too.

After school snacks are something kids really look forward to after a long day inside the classroom. Children often rush home and grab the first thing in the cupboard, which is usually a cup of pudding or something sugary from the freezer.

Instead, there is a snacking option that provides health benefits and it’s great because it offers something unique. We love unique and different and that’s why this treat just might work to satisfy those hunger urges.

Dried Vegetables for Snacking

Some people love eating vegetables.

Darn them.

Not everyone likes eating their veggies. Yet these foods offer many great benefits. They provide necessary nutrients to keep our body in working order. The food pyramid has long offered advice that we should eat 2 to 3 services of (fruits and) vegetables each day.

These days it seems that this is difficult for most folks. The taste or even thought of vegetables is enough to make us run right back to the cupboard for the chocolate bar. 

Dried Veggies could be a solution to your veggie problem. They could also sit right in the cupboard next to the chocolate.

Two options for dried veggies are air dried and freeze dried.

Air dried veggies are commonly used in soups and snacks. They are dried out by heat and can last a long time in their containers.

Freeze dried veggies are a little more expensive because the process of freeze drying is more involved. The process uses a vacuum to remove the moisture from the veggies. The integrity of the vegetable remains intact leaving it with great taste.

Freeze dried veggies are my first choice for snacking. With the water content gone you can really taste the delicious flavor in a variety of veggies.

Imagine biting into something tasty like peppers, mushrooms or even spinach as a tasty treat. The crunch you feel will give you the idea that you’re snacking - and you are - but you can also feel good knowing that these snacks are veggies and they will make you and your body feel better.

Chocolate may be great in small doses, but if you’re really looking for something healthy then it’s best to stick with the basics. 

Veggies are great, but if you need something different you can try dried veggies.

Even the kids will like them.

Dayne Shuda is a contributing blogger for North Bay Trading Co. He writes on a variety of topics including food and health. North Bay Trading Co. offers a selection of freeze dried and air dried veggies and fruits as well as other food items that are great for different occasions.