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Cooking for One: Egg-straordinary

(post, Lindsay Neu)

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Erik and I have been trading off business trips. I was in NYC last week; he’s there this week and the next. I really struggle with cooking when he’s gone. I forget to eat at regular times, so then I’m STARVING and the only thing that will satisfy my furious stomach is pad thai or some other delivery treat. One order of anything delivered is at least two servings and, yep, I do. I eat the whole darn thing. Because it’s DELICIOUS. But then I feel gross. And waste money. And throw out a bunch of garbage. So my goal this week is to come up with a few things to cook at home that are delicious, filling, and easy. 

Attempt number one: the egg. Pros: (1) nice single serving package; (2) minimal clean up. Negatives: sort of…eh? On it’s own it doesn’t really compare to a gooey sandwich from the place on the corner. 

Hmmmm…half empty (half full??) jar of Bloody Mary mix in the refrigerator. Part of a loaf of bread on the counter. Done! What it lacks in glamor, it makes up for in tastiness.

For the recipe, click here: