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How to Set Up a KitchenAid Food Mill Attachment

(post, Lindsay Neu)

When I started canning, I didn’t have a whole lot of fancy tools. You honestly don’t need that much, but there are a few extras that really make life easier. One of those is a food mill. This is basically a crank that forces food through a screen. In doing so, it removes seeds, stems, peels, and tough fibers and produces a smooth and uniform sauce. I use it for fruit butters, applesauce, and tomato juice.

You can buy a manual version, but if you have a KitchenAid stand mixer, I’d recommend the attachment. It’s super quick and leaves your hands free to do other things. You have to buy two attachments, though, which kind of irks me. The food grinder just grinds, so you need to add the mill component to strain out the bits. Once you have the two boxes, putting them together is like playing with Legos.

For the tutorial, click here: