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More hormones in milk

(article, Culinate staff)

The questionable use of growth hormones in the dairy industry isn't news anymore. But another problem might exist with hormones and milk: a possible link between hormone-related cancers and the hormones that naturally occur in milk. 

The connection isn't new; in fact, the research on it dates back several years. But thanks to a recent article about it on the Natural News Network, the story has been making the Internet rounds. 

What's the belated scoop? Eating dairy, apparently, may increase your chance of developing certain cancers. In our system of industrial milk production, cows that are heavily pregnant (and therefore secreting more pregnancy hormones) are still milked for the dairy market. When ingested, those natural hormones may, in turn, stimulate cancer growth in humans. 

Because fat harbors hormones, skim milk is lowest in hormones. But changes could also be made at the start of the milk-production chain: milking cows that aren't pregnant, or are only in the early months of pregnancy, reduces the levels of pregnancy hormones in the milk.