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h4(cleft). Preserves

[%image map float=left width=150] After extensive study of Shaker recipes and countless experiments, Buddy Hall of Applecreek Farms created a line of homestyle jams and pickles. Applecreek's all-natural products are handmade in small batches — with Kentucky bourbon stirred into fudge sauces and marinades (Buddy's idea, most likely, not learned from the Shakers).

h4(clear). Candy

The Ruth Hunt Candy Company has been selling hand-stirred, homestyle candy to Kentuckians for the past eight decades, including pulled cream, the classic Blue Monday candy bars, and of course, Kentucky bourbon balls.

h4(clear). Ham

Dry curing and aging creates some of the best ham available. Newsom’s Aged Kentucky Country Ham produces small batches of ham that are sold about once a season.

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