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h4(cleft). Citrus

[%image reference-image float=left width=150] What would Florida be without oranges? The Orange Shop ships fresh oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines, along with fruit preserves and sauces. Check out the Monthly Gift Plan: choose as many months as you like (out of six) — from 10 pounds to a bushel —  to have citrus shipped to your hard-to-buy-for-aunt (or juicer). 

h4(clear). Tupelo honey

[%image tupelo float=left width=150] Tupelo isn't just a town in Texas,  it's also a gum tree that grows along the river swamps of northwestern Florida.  Smiley Apiaries sells the delicate, distinctive honey from Tupelo flowers in serious honey bear quantities — 3 gallon jugs and 60 pound pails — and smaller sizes, too. 

h4(clear). Tropical fruit

In 1960, a six-year-old kid set up a fruit stand. Five decades later, the Robert is Here stand is still selling fresh mangoes, citrus, and other tropical fruit grown in Florida. 

h4(clear). Wine

The muscadine is a type of tough-skinned Southern grape that makes an especially antioxidant-rich wine, of which Monticello Winery makes two organic varieties. The red and the white are both dry, with none of the usual added sugar, which lets the distinct muscadine flavor show through.

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