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h4(cleft). Biscotti

[%image biscotti float=left width=150] Grandma's recipe made the way Grandma used to make biscotti — without additives and preservatives, by hand. Sweet Mavens bakes up traditional biscotti (Nonna's almond-anise), seasonal variations (cranberry-ginger), and gilded lilies (chocolate-dipped mocha), then packages them in bags, boxes, and jars. The latter screams "hostess gift" and favorite college student.

h4(cleft). Liqueurs

[%image pear float=left width=150] Connecticut distiller Westford Hill makes brandies as well as eaux-de-vie in such flavors as pear, cherry, raspberry, and strawberry. Alas, the company's products are currently sold only regionally — splendid for those of you live in the region!


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