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h4(cleft). Pickles

[%image pickle float=left width=150] Sims Foods sells spicy, vinegary, sugary pickles (whole, sliced, and in relish form) under the name Wickles Pickles. If you order Wickles by the case, you get a wicked little discount.

h4(clear). Chèvre

[%image reference-image float=left width=150] Handmade by Liz and Tom Parnell since 1989, Belle Chèvre's goat cheeses come in logs, rounds, jars, and crumbles. Though Montrachet sounds very French, there's a regional twist to how they season these cheeses; Chive, Korean Red Pepper and Sumac name only a few of the herb variations.

h4(clear). Ginger ale

Buffalo Rock has been making its ginger ale since 1901, when, like so many other sodas, it was created for medicinal purposes. The difference is that people are still drinking this pop to help cure minor ailments. It’s a delicious bit of regional history that you can drink from a can.

h4(clear). Fruit trees

What’s better than buying fruit fresh off the tree? Picking fruit off your own tree. Petals From the Past specializes in heirloom plants and trees, and their selection of unusual fruit plants is especially impressive. They sell figs, muscadines, persimmons, pomegranates, and Meyer lemons, among others.

block(clear green). Have a favorite regional specialty from Alabama? Share it in the comments section below.

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