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h4(cleft). Wild salmon

[%image salmon float=left width=150] Alaskan wild salmon is one of the standards in sustainable, quality salmon. Ed's Kasilof Seafoods has caught and sold the state’s local seafood bounty for more than 30 years, and promises that all of its salmon is caught fresh, hand-filleted, vacuum-sealed, and flash-frozen on the day it’s caught. And The Alaska Wild Salmon Company provides sashimi-grade salmon that is caught by hand, as well as pet treats made from fish scraps.

h4(clear). Beer

[%image beer float=left width=150] A good pint of beer is the perfect thing to get you through Alaska's long winter nights, and the Alaskan Brewing Company has risen to the task, with an award-winning smoked porter as well as summer ales and stouts.

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