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Drop the soda can

(article, Culinate staff)

Diet soda, of course, is still soda — and now comes a study linking diet-soda consumption with heart disease. As always, the study's authors were careful to warn the public not to jump to conclusions; as the New York Times Vital Signs column recently noted, "The reasons for the association are unclear, the authors said, and the results must be interpreted with caution." But, the lead study author added, "if people stop drinking diet soda, they 'are not going to be missing out on any important vitamins or minerals.'"

Once you've ditched that diet soda, getting out and about will also help your health, reports the New York Times Well blog. Sure, that sounds like belaboring the obvious — but this time, a creative new study forcing active people to be inactive proves what we all already knew: moving more, even a little, is better for you than lying around.

bq. “When I’m really busy, I make sure to get up and walk around the office or jog in place every hour or so,” \[says study author Dr. John P. Thyfault\]. Wear a pedometer if it will nudge you to move more. “You don’t have to run marathons,” he says. “But the evidence is clear that you do need to move.”