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Occupy the food supply

(article, Culinate staff)

Food activists around the world are coming together today in support of a more equitable food supply. Occupy Our Food Supply is a global day of action supported by big names in the fight for food justice, including Raj Patel, Anne Lappé, Marion Nestle, Willie Nelson, and Vandana Shiva.

In a story for the Huffington Post, Nelson and Lappé explore some reasons to fight for our food, including the loss of family farms, the environmental damage caused by agribusiness, and the rise of food-related health epidemics. “More and more, the choices that determine the food on our shelves are made by corporations concerned less with protecting our health, our environment, or our jobs than with profit margins and executive bonuses,” they write.

Organized by the Rainforest Action Network, Occupy Our Food Supply features events around the globe, including protests and seed exchanges. Find an event near you or get involved on social media via Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter (tweet using the hashtags #F27 and #occupyourfoodsupply to join the conversation).