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Dog beds are usually made from a machine washable

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As the temperatures drop it’s not just you that feels the cold, your dog will too! Ensure they’re kept feeling cosy and warm by buying them a luxury dog bed. Giving your pup a snuggly place to sleep will make them less likely to climb onto your bed or your favourite sofa, when they’re feeling the chill. Just like dogs, their beds come in a range of sizes, ensuring that they will have enough room for a comfortable night’s sleep. You wouldn’t want your German shepherd having to squeeze into a Chihuahua sized after all. Your pup probably doesn’t have a colour preference; however it’s likely you do, so dog beds are available in a range of colours and patterns, ranging from paw prints to modern swirl designs. <a href="">Dog beds</a> are usually made from a machine washable, cushioned or quilted material, ensuring that even mucky pups have a clean and hygienic place to sleep.