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Nuts over Berries

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  It seems lately that the frozen berries have special value on the tops of our February morning waffles and pancakes.  The purple, rosy, red and pink colors glisten, even before we put on that little drizzle of honey.  They glow having something, a certain component that makes our breakfast a special and such a delightful experience.  It is something to wake up to and enjoy. The colors and tastes enliven the senses.  The experience even meets our 7-year-old son's approval. Breakfast is his favorite meal, he says. We talk longingly for summer when we get to go out and pick the berries.  Then we agree that we are so glad that we put some into freezer bags to enjoy in the wintertime  We don't really think to make waffles in the summer, instead we eat the berries fresh as we pick them or put them in yogurt or in a fruit salad, mixing lots of colors and flavors.  Peaches and strawberries, ummm, that is a treat.  Parfaits from the past come across our minds.  We talk about berries and how it is so great that we can go out and pick them, eat them and then have them year 'round.  Especially for breakfast in the winter, we so enjoy tasty berries. They are so delicious and nutritious. I thaw out a bag of berries on the counter overnight and in the morning, there they are waiting to put atop our favorite honey-oat waffles or whole wheat pancakes.   A sprinkle of chopped up almonds or walnuts and the final drizzle of that lovely golden honey completes the picture.
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