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Herb Roasted Apples & Potatoes

(recipe, Bluebird Farmers Market & CSA)

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Savory herb-crusted Pink Lady apples and potatoes. Oven-roasted with olive oil, savory, rosemary and oregano.


  1. 3 apples
  2. 3 red new potatoes
  3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  4. savory
  5. rosemary
  6. oregano


  1. Wash potatoes and apples.
  2. Quarter apples away from core.
  3. Slice apples and potatoes to the peel without cutting through the peeling.
  4. Arrange apples and potatoes on silpat to prevent sticking to baking pan.
  5. Drizzle with olive oil and rub to coat well.
  6. Sprinkle with dried herbs including oregano, savory and rosemary.
  7. Bake on 400 degrees for 1 hour or until roasted.
  8. Serves 2.