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Egg Puffs - A Breakfast Road to Fatherly Fame! by Jay Quine

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Egg Puffs  -- Ten (plus one) Easy Steps to Fatherly Fame!

1.Separate three egg yokes from the whites, but keeping both in separate bowls.  Be careful to keep the yokes from being broken. More eggs can be used, depending on how many egg puffs you wish to make.

2.Whip the egg whites until fairly stiff.  Add ½ tsp of powdered sugar (very little). The egg whites should be stiff enough to be able to mold.

3.Toast an English muffin (or other bread for toast of choice.

4.Lightly butter the toasted English muffin.

5.Put the halves of English muffins on a cookie tray.

6.Form the egg whites into a “nest” around the parameter of the English muffin.  This is art, not science!  Sculpt it for presentation awe!

7.Gently spoon out one of the yokes and place in the center of your “nest.”

8.Repeat for the other halves of English muffins.

9.Put in the oven set to “broil” low and away from the burner.

10.Cook fairly slowly until egg whites have turned golden brown.  The yoke should also be cook to medium hardness.

11.Remove and make grand presentation of your egg puffs.  

Say grace to the Lord, and enjoy!