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Food, defined

(article, Liz Crain)

Writing about food can be frustrating. After all, taste is in the mouth of the eater, and words everybody can agree on can be hard to find. 

But playing with words can be as much fun as playing with food. Barry Foy, the creator of the online Devil's Food Dictionary, never saw a food word he didn't like to tweak. The Devil's Food Dictionary (a riff on Ambrose Bierce's notorious [%bookLink code=0195126270 "The Devil's Dictionary"]) audaciously defines and redefines basic food terms, techniques, and ingredients with a relentlessly satirical viewpoint. 
Twice a week, the Seattle-based Foy updates his "culinary reference work that consists entirely of lies." Check out this recent entry:
bq. sift To pass flour or some other dry ingredient through a screen in order to ensure consistency and lightness in baked goods. Sifting was an indispensable part of baking before being outlawed in 1994, when the Supreme Court ruled that it discriminated against clumps.

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