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Wanted: Food writers

(article, Melanie Mesaros)

These days anyone with a computer, a camera, and a fork can be a food blogger.

Making it easy for you, too, to join the food-blogging masses, Regina Schrambling of Gastropoda, writing in the Los Angeles Times, has done all your homework for you, outlining the different blog templates available and giving tips for making your entries sing (high-quality photography, links to other blogs, and a catchy title). 

Being unique is the real challenge. Some food blogs focus on a single item, such as ramen, cheese, pizza, and pastry. Other blogs showcase regional foods, go behind the scenes at restaurants and wineries, or simply offer readers their opinions. 

Keep in mind the fact that, while a blog may feel private, it's very much public. And some folks aren't happy about that. As Serious Eats warns, restaurants in particular are wary of bloggers:

bq. Sam Breach, of the food blog Becks & Posh, says, "I don't take photos at dinner anymore in the Bay Area for fear of being outed as a blogger — this town is overrun with them."