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Short-Cut Vegan

(book, Lorna Sass)

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Now that millions of Americans are exploring the vegan lifestyle, award-winning cookbook author Lorna Sass has updated her classic cookbook Short-Cut Vegetarian to reveal that achieving great flavor and eating healthy meals don't require spending hours in the kitchen. 

Sass creates culinary magic from a pantry stocked with carefully selected prepared and instant foods, such as homemade curry powder, roasted red peppers, spicy salsas and mustard sauces, and roasted garlic oil. In this collection of over 100 quick-cooking vegan recipes, health and flavor always come first and fast. You’ll also learn how to develop a repertoire using fast-cooking whole grains like quinoa and instant polenta to create main-dish pilafs and salads.

Enjoy delicious meals every day of the week using Sass’s short-cut techniques — strategies that result in a pantry filled with intense flavor by the spoonful.

Whole-Grain Vegetable Stir-Fry
Sesame-Ginger Stir-Fry Sauce