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(article, Ashley Griffin Gartland)

By now, most of us know that global warming is doing all sorts of fun things, such as raising sea levels, increasing desertification, and (thanks, Hurricane Katrina!) wrecking the weather.

But as NPR reported recently, global warming is also making merry with our food supply.

When trying to answer the big question of how the Earth’s warming climate will affect our ability to feed ourselves, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies researcher Cynthia Rosenzweig used computer simulations to predict future global food production based on certain environmental conditions.

The results? Not catastrophe, necessarily, but certain communities — especially those in developing countries — will truly suffer from the greenhouse effect. As author Dan Charles put it:

bq. By 2080, when today’s children are elderly, the models show global food production decreasing, especially in parts of the world that can least afford it. Tens of millions of additional people could go hungry.

"Could" is the operative word here, meaning that these results might not come to pass if we can start making lifestyle changes now.