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Year-end trends

(article, Culinate staff)

It's that time of year again, when pundits feel compelled to wrap up the best (and worst) of the news stories and trends of the previous 12 months. 

On the negative side, we've got Twilight Greenaway's list on Grist of the worst food news of 2011, as well as AlterNet's consciousness-raising roundup of the year's most underreported stories, including America's rising levels of child malnutrition. 

On the positive side, there's the Grist list of sustainable food trends, including using every possible part of a plant for food.

In the middle are the Top Food News stories of the year, including another list from Grist and the Huffington Post's major food scandals of 2011. There's also, over on Civil Eats, a call to action for 2012 on food-related causes.

And, thankfully, there's the amusing, such as J.M. Hirsch's cheeky take on food trends for the Associated Press: 

bq. 2011: The year I officially became the last American to still eat gluten. . . . Didn't notice? Perhaps you were too busy chugging raw milk, herding your backyard flock of chickens, and hunting down nearby sources for heirloom vegetables, all popular pastimes buoyed by growing demand for so-called "local" foods — a market the government predicted this year would generate some $7 billion in sales.