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Farmstead Chef

(book, John Ivanko & Lisa Kivirist)

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Lisa Kivirist and John Ivanko's Farmstead Chef whips up a quirky, homespun tale of how we can eat well, nourish our bodies without breaking the bank, and restore the planet. Their book will help you rediscover the benefits of home-grown and homemade cooking, preserving the harvest and stocking the pantry, all while building community.

Farmstead Chef’s recipes provide a delicious road map to restoring the planet and revitalizing our lives. It’s written to be accessible to all levels of cooking experience. Don’t panic if you don’t have a chef’s knife; neither do the authors. You don't need to be a chef to be a great cook. What's essential, however, is starting with the best ingredients, perhaps right outside your back door. Fresh. In season. Local.

Each chapter features an introductory narrative addressing why or how Kivirist and Ivanko ended up cooking "farmsteadtarian" — their term for eating as close to the source as possible. Scattered throughout the chapters are informational sidebars on food storage, frugal home cooking, hosting potlucks, and stocking the pantry. There are also slice-of-life profiles of farming friends, urban gardeners, kitchen canners, and a vegan chef. 

As for the recipes, you'll find a classic Eggs Benedict as well as an Indonesian-influenced peanut sauce for asparagus, or a Grecian souvlaki with home-baked pitas. Farmstead Chef celebrates the diversity of culinary influences resulting from the melting pot we know as America, featuring a New Orleans Seafood Gumbo and an avocado dip from a soul-food vegan chef in Oakland, California. But the recipes also draw inspiration from the authors' journeys to far-flung locales, where they rediscovered the joys of cooking and sharing meals slowly in the camaraderie of others.

From the growing ranks of back-yard kitchen gardeners to subscribers of community-supported agriculture (CSA) farms, from college students turning a trip to a farmers' market into a feast to the droves of retirees adopting more farm-fresh and healthy foods, Farmstead Chef is for everyone who cares about the delicious taste, nutrition, and variety of food, as well as the health of the land on which it is grown.
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