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Culinate Newsletter December 7

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
 Gift-giving season comes with rafts of expectations — all of which we place on ourselves, of course. Will I give her something she likes? Will he give me the thing I desire? 
 One gift that always seems welcome, at least by the adults on your list, is food, whether something basic, like salt, or something more elaborate, like fruitcake.

 A few years ago, my creative colleague Carrie Floyd compiled an excellent list of homemade food-centric gift ideas, and our [/articles/features/16holidaytreats '"Sweet 16"'] collection of cookies and treats is another fabulous gift resource. 

 Of course, dinner out is always a great gift — but as Melissa Clark says in her interview with Ellen Kanner, "We need to get our hands dirty. We need to cook for each other." 

 Yesterday a treasured friend spontaneously gave me the gift of dinner — a portion of Chicken Marbella to take home and cook for my family. This friend is an amazing cook, and the combination of luscious flavor and kind generosity made the dinner sweet indeed. I'm already thinking of how to reciprocate — without too many expectations, of course.

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "The paleo diet is popular, but Shoshanna Cohen finds there's more than one way to fuel an athlete."
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story2text: "With her new book, 'Cook This Now,' this New York Times writer has made a lot of friends — and fans."

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recipe1text: "Inspired by a Marcus Samuelsson salad, with hearty croutons and delicate slices of apple and cheese." 
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recipe2text: Lisa Schroeder's classic soup, from her book, "Mother's Best," is a tasty antidote to holiday stress.

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