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The Kimchi Chronicles

(book, Marja Vongerichten)

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Long a favorite of in-the-know foodies, Korean cuisine is poised to become the next big food trend, with dishes like bibimbap and kimchi popping up on menus nationwide. 

In a new PBS series that began airing in May 2011, Marja Vongerichten and her husband, the three-star Michelin chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, give viewers an insider’s look at Korea as they travel the country and experience its authentic flavors and cultural traditions. 

As the show’s companion cookbook, The Kimchi Chronicles includes a recipe for every dish featured on the show, explaining how the dishes can be easily duplicated in an American kitchen. Chef Vongerichten also offers original dishes with a lighter, modern flair, showing how the flavors of the Korean table can be readily integrated into any meal.
For lovers of Korean food, those eager to experiment in search of an accessible introduction to this intriguing cuisine, and readers who just want a little taste of culinary and cultural exploration outside the Western hemisphere, The Kimchi Chronicles is sure to provide plenty of inspiration, information, and entertainment.
Grilled Korean Lobster Rolls with Scallion Mayonnaise