Culinate Newsletter Nov 21 07

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 h1. Dear Readers,

 My husband greeted me with a 'Happy Thanksgiving Wednesday' this morning. Thanksgiving Wednesday? But on a dark morning while the house was still chilly, I was grateful for his goofy cheerfulness and for the cup of coffee he pressed into my hands.

 The day before Thanksgiving does feel like its own special day -- a gather-ingredients and get-where-you're-going kind of day, a day of eating light and anticipating the delicious hours of feasting and leftovers that stretch before us.

 At our house, we're having a low-key holiday this year, just eight of us, but I'm no less excited about the festivities. 

 Whatever the number around your table, here's hoping your Thanksgiving is replete with good smells, good tastes, and good cheer. 

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "The challenge for Thanksgiving and beyond: Less food waste."
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story2text: A slow hike in the woods to gather mushrooms is good medicine.

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recipe1text: Gorgeous flavors and a simple preparation make this cranberry recipe a winner.
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recipe2text: Still wondering what vegetable to put on the Thanksgiving table?  Look no more!

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